Mass - AUDIO sound systems & p.a.


The founding member of Mass Event who is very experienced within the music industry, is determined to create a company who’s roots are in delivering a quality of sound that would maintain his position at the top of the performance and corporate arenas. This expertise in both working in front and behind the mixing desk illustrates his ability to collate the best equipment package for each and every sound discipline. Only using top-spec. recognised audio equipment, and by working closely with the client, the venue and above all the performers, this talented sound craft leaves no ‘tone’ unturned! Communicating this level of know how to the audiences ear is what they do best! Mass’s bespoke sound systems are designed to represent the diversity and range of all genres of music with true precision... from the delicate inflections of live vocals and acoustics to the rugged depth-defying clarity and range of electronic dance music (EDM). A major tour, a theatrical concert, a grand opening or product launch, a new night club. Without sound, nothing happens, and with great sound, great things will happen. From music festivals to corporate events, the emphasis on delivering the ultimate quality of sound. 




Electro Voice sound systems endorsed by MASS. 



Our engineers tour with world leading singers & bands