Mass - visual displays & projections


With an ever increasing need for spectacular visual effects and flat screen technology, Mass can deliver the essentials to showcase your event live and on the “Big Screen!”
The LED and LCD technology available at their fingertips today opens up a NEW era in visually stunning sound, light and screening options: from a live streamed record of the main stage proceedings to a diagramatical back-up to a speakers keynote speech, Mass can calibrate the ideal screen ratios for your events needs.
It is within this array of technicolour no how that Mass also identify the needs of the private home user who needs installation, planning and advice on the perfect audio-visual set-up. With their experienced sound and lighting team they can combine their knowledge of putting on a ‘show’ utilising the available space and building a bespoke creative experience which can include mood lighting schemes and subtle multi-colour LED drama.
Mass again using only the finest equipment for the job will plan, install and calibrate your new system so that you can gather your friends and family to witness a home cinema screening with all the atmosphere of a Mass event enjoyed by all. Mass are also fully trained in security camera installation for the retail and commercial environment, fitting systems that will monitor and record all activities within your workspace.

•    LED & LCD Displays
•    Projection Screens
•    Effects Projectors
•    Video Streaming
•    Live Filming
•    Conference Visuals
•    Seminar Visuals
•    Awards Ceremonies
•    Product Launches
•    Exhibitions
•    Home/Commercial Cinema





Projection available  



Various visual effects available, including Haze, Fog and Snow